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200 of the Greatest Gay Bars in the World

THE IMPERIAL HOTEL: Walk in and discover a thriving icon of gay Australia. Nestled in the Sydney suburbs is the Imperial Hotel, which is home to a mixed community of gays and lesbians. After years of renovations, ‘The Impy’ boasts a show room, two main bars, an underground disco, and an upper level deck and courtyard to mingle or smoke. The final scenes from The Adv ...

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RuPaul: ‘Love is Love, and Family is Family’

RuPaul and the cast and crew of RuPaul’s Drag Race are currently taping the next season of the popular contest/reality show. They took some time yesterday to film a video to celebrate the Supreme Court ruling that struck down DOMA. In the video, the drag queen names civil rights leaders who paved the way, and thanks the POTUS. Then tells everyone to say, "Love!" Ending with: "Now take that down the aisle an ...

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Judgment Gay: Daily Show Mocks Justice Scalia

Justice Scalia's dissent on the Defense of Marriage Act was filled with snarky comments and mocked on Wednesday by The Daily Show. "He firmly believes that it is inappropriate and arrogant for the court to strike down a decades old Congressional law," reported Samantha Bee from the steps of the Supreme Court."Really?" anchor John Oliver asked. "Didn't he just help overturn the Voting Rights Act of 1965, lit ...

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Russia passes law banning ‘gay propaganda’

Russia's lower house on Tuesday voted 436-0 to ban gay "propaganda", a measure will impose heavy fines for providing information about homosexuality to people under 18. - It's a bill that stigmatises LGBT people and prohibit anyone from giving children any information about homosexuality. The bill won overwhelming approval on Tuesday in Russia's lower house of parliament voted 436-0 with one abstention. The ...

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Asia is becoming more LGBTI-friendly… incrementally

Asia is becoming more LGBTI friendly. Change is not dramatic but incremental, says Douglas Sanders, a long-time activist and Professor Emeritus in Law at Canada's University of British Columbia and Thailand's Chulalongkorn University.   In 2009 the Delhi High Court ‘read down’ section 377, the colonial era anti-homosexual criminal law. It could no longer apply to sexual activity by consenting adult mal ...

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Who’s the Hottest Guy on ‘True Blood’?

Many hunks have come and met their true death over the years, but six have survived for the new sixth season of the supernatural HBO drama: Joe Manganiello, Alexander Skarsgard, Ryan Kwanten, Nelsan Ellis, Stephen Moyer, and Sam Trammell. So who's the sexiest? Click through for helpful shirtless reminders and then vote for your favorite!   Joe Manganiello as werewolf Alcide Herveaux.   Alexander S ...

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These Asian Underwear Models Are ‘Extraordinary’

      The Underwear Expert's eyes are usually fixed below the belt, but every now and then a brand will release something that captures our attention up top. Quarter Homme recently released the QHB tank top series, which comes in a variety of colors and challenges those who wear and see them to "Be Extraordinary." And what better way to show off their new colorful collection than with a vibra ...

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