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Cruise Clubs/Sex Venues/Sauna/Show Venues

Adonis Club

118 Timog Avenue, Quezon City ,Underneath the sign, there's always a tarpaulin banner announcing a big night event What to expect: Most iconic gay bar in Metro Manila. Dark and cavernous, with a huge elevated stage. Perfect for the discreet because of the darkness. Couches near the stage (no extra fee to sit there). Average of 25 to 30 dancers on any given night. Mostly fair and good-looking men (not the ty ...

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Club Mankind Makati

144 Scout Ybardolaza Street, Quezon City Typical macho dancer bar. Averages about 20 to 25 dancers. Average-looking men (with some standouts), lean to muscular bodies. Varied shows: typical macho dancing the entire night, interspersed with some themed sexy dances (eg. dances with masks, dancing while showering, ATW shows, etc) and drag queen performances. All-cast (when all the men will dance in front of th ...

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