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Review: Gay Sauna/Pubs in India

For travelers to India, there is a general perception that India is closed to Gay travelers, the country is largely conservative however the bigger cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore are more accepting of gay people.

Delhi has some good gay sauna’s (of course these are no where close the large modern sauna’s in Europe / Thailand, but atleast a beginning has been made). I find Delhi the most gay friendly after the Delhi High Court passed a judgment striking the Section 377. \


Anyway like the old saying goes anyone can be had after 3 rounds of beer 🙂 this is quite true in India.

The best gay sauna is Spartacus (they have a website too) and is quite happening on Fri / Sat

The other gay massage joint is Kalpkaya in South Delhi – East of Kailash ( you can google it out) this is not as nice as Spartacus but like they say ‘ change is the spice of life’ rather than visiting the same sauna everyday, you could try this one. The masseurs guarantee happy ending and you can pick and choose. You don’t need to be discreet and tell at the counter exactly what you wish and they will line up for you to choose. There are some locals who come there for steam/ sauna.

On Tue the pegsnpints offers a good night out….been a gay nightclub each tue for the longest time but I guess there must be many more that has come up now. I now work and live in Singapore but miss the Delhi crowd terribly….while there is a lot of hue and cry about delhi being unsafe, it is quite safe and most Delhi’ites are very polite to the foreigners. There used to be some cruising area’s like the big park at the Chanakyapuri on Sunday opposite to the Hotel Samrat/Ashoka but am not sure if it is still cruisy but foreigners must try and not venture alone…years back I took a foreigner on a sunday cruise and he had a ball of a time.

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